Kylie Minogue Diffusers

Kylie Minogue Diffusers
Kylie Minogue at Home: Room Diffusers
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With scents personally selected by the princess of pop, Kylie's collection of candles and diffusers are the perfect way to introduce a wonderful fragrance into your home.

With a choice of 3 very special fragrances, Tranquility, Rose and Cassis and Dark Noir, each room diffuser has its own signature scent to create the perfect atmosphere.

Kylie's diffusers echo the fragrances of her candles so enhance your space with the same deliciously lingering scented tones.

All diffusers are dressed with the 'Kylie Minogue at Home' rose gold logo. 

Beautifully packaged in elegantly co-ordinated gift boxes, complete with the rose gold signature detail. 

Style / Colour Details

Kylie Minogue at Home Room Diffusers


120ml Diffuser Blend


Ashley Wilde


Tranquility White: is feminine and light, creating a fresh atmosphere that will soothe and calm your senses.

Rose & Cassis Grey: enjoy the scented fragrance of roses plus a hint of cassis, for a touch of pure romance.

Dark Noir Black: a dramatic scent that will fill the air with style and sophistication.

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