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Scion Spike Cushion

New Scion Cushions

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These brightly coloured character cushions from Scion will add a touch of colour and brighten any room in the house. Scion is a refreshing British brand which aims to make its own distinctive mark on the world of interior design. The brands products are cutting-edge and forward looking, with an enduring appeal and individuality. 

Spike Cushion - An enchanting, almost geometric, depiction of a stylised hedgehog. Spike the hedgehog and his friends go nose to nose scurrying around this playful cushion

Mr Fox Cushion - Featuring the ever-popular, cheeky and cheery Mr Fox.This jovial character is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Style / Colour Details

Spike Cushion - Orange

Mr Fox Cushion - Ochre 


100% Cotton

Designer / Manufacturer


Size Information

Spike Cushion - Orange - 45cm x 45cm 

Mr Fox Cushion - Ochre - 30cm x 50cm