We just love our Karl Lagerfeld bedding range and thought it would be fun to find out a little bit more about the acclaimed fashion designer.

There is no doubt that Karl Lagerfeld has been a major creative force for many years influencing many in the fashion industry. These include international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Fendi and Chanel.

How it all started for Karl Lagerfeld

He was born in Hamburg, Germany as Karl Otto Lagerfeldt, but later dropped the ‘t’ from the end as a conscious decision to make his name sound more commercial.

Even as a young boy, he often cut out pictures from fashion magazines and had a reputation for being critical of what other children wore to school. His passion for design continued to grow and at the age of 14 he moved to Paris and with his father’s help he managed to enrol in to a private art academy. 

While in Paris he entered a design competition where he submitted a series of sketches. He took first prize in the coat category. He also met another winner, Yves Saint Laurent who became a life-long friend.

He quickly got full-time work with a number of French design houses where he quickly rose to become creative director. However, in 1961, unsatisfied and disappointed at the response of some of his shows Karl Lagerfeld decided he needed the freedom to create his own designs and so left to set up on his own.

Success for Karl Lagerfeld

He quickly gained a reputation in the fashion industry for innovative styles and got work designing collections for Chloe and Fendi. In the 1980s, he rejuvenated Chanel which was considered a ‘dead brand’ by bringing out a highly profitable ready-to-wear fashion line. He is largely credited for modernising the brand and for securing its long term future.

He remains to this day hugely influential within the fashion industry. A key factor to this is his desire to never stand still. He has, designed footwear lines for Italian label Hogan, designed an evening dress for Lily Allen’s wedding, created a range of glasses, vases and bowls, opened a bookshop, exhibited his photography and even published a diet book. 

Oh yes, he’s also brought out a range of designer bedding!

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