If you want to know what the best sellers in bedding design are, then the answer is quite simple. You’ll be looking at white, cream and probably pale grey bedding sets and to be honest this is not likely to alter radically over the coming years. Nevertheless, there has certainly been a definite growing trend towards adding more colours to our beds.


Adding a Bit of Fun to Your Luxury Bedding Set

People who enjoy a bit of luxury in the bedroom will still head towards a more traditional aesthetic in their bedding choice with high quality cotton and high thread counts to match. Their choice of colour as mentioned earlier tends to lean towards more subdued colours such as white and ivory. However, there are a growing number of younger shoppers looking for bolder colours with more contemporary designs. They are also experimenting with bedding that has a fun element that provides a brighter and fresher feel to their bedroom scheme. You may have been following us on Facebook and recently entered one of our competitions to win a fab bedding set. Prizes have varied considerably, but it does show that though tastes vary, that there is a fun element that people want to incorporate and enjoy in their bedrooms.


The Rise of Flamboyant Bedding Colours

Colours that seem to becoming increasingly popular, in particular in the USA, are brilliant blues, vibrant greens and even shocking pinks! These are often mixed together to great effect such as within this Lipsy bedding design below. 

Lipsy Bedding Water Colour Lily

There has also been a trend towards introducing bold geometric patterns as companions to classic floral print designs. In previous years Fab Furnishings’ customers have enjoyed our floral bedding sets as a complete collection (in particular, I'd like to draw your attention to our Cath Kidston bedding collection), but it will be interesting to see what choices are made in the future.


Classic Cath Kidston Bedding

Anytime of the year is good to give your bedroom that all important makeover. This is the room where you can unwind and relax, so it is really important for you to give it that extra bit of love and attention. This could be why more subtle colours such as creams, whites and greys are chosen so often as they do tend to have a naturally calming influence. Despite this, many people are wanting to add their personality to this important room and they are doing this not only by choosing glamorous designs such as those seen in our Kylie Minogue bedding range, but by adding stylish accessories such as decorative cushions and fine-looking throws. Both options can add new layers and textures to the feel of the modern bedroom and make it a place where you want to spend your time.

Perhaps it is time to add a bit of your personality to your bedroom and update your neutral scheme. What do you think?

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