The BFG is an enchanting story of an unlikely friendship between a young orphaned girl called Sophie and the Big friendly Giant. This snozzcumber-eating, dream-bringing, larger than life character introduces Sophie to a whimsical world full of dreams where a giraffe is a "jiggyraff", a child is a "chiddler" and even language is dreamily "rendunculous"!

But not everything is "phizz-whizzing" in Giant Country and, when the BFG reveals the gruesome secret that the other giants gobble up children for dinner, Sophie's courage is put to the test. Thankfully, with the help of the Queen, a whole lot of "whizzpopping", and some magical dreams, the giants are trapped in a pit leaving children across the world safe in their beds!

With the release of the BFG on the big screen, let your children curl upsafe in the knowledge that their dreams will all be "phizziwizards" and "ringbellers" thanks to our BFG bedding range.