Catherine Isabel Audrey Kidston was born on the 6th of November 1958. Creative from a young age, her childhood provided a wealth of inspiration to draw on in her future career and she was particularly inspired by her, “…bedroom with its pale blue walls and striped rosebud curtains, the overblown chintz in our playroom, the coloured formica worktops and gloss paint.”

Whilst drawing on the nostalgic colours, prints and fabrics of a bygone era, Cath Kidston realised that design was changing and adapting. Her unique combination of modern with vintage is what makes the brand so popular today.

First Cath Kidston Shop

By 1993, she had opened her first independent shop in London. Here she set out to use beautiful vintage fabrics and bold traditional prints to decorate anything from cushions to ironing board covers. 

Her first full collection came about due to a mistake as she accidentally ordered pre-made duvet and pillow sets rather than the fabric she had intended. The patterns caught her imagination and she set about refashioning these to create a collection of cushions, aprons, wash bags, bath hats and swimsuits that would really launch her career. Having opened shops across the world, Kidston returned to bedding but this time she is leaving the duvets intact!

New Cath Kidston Designer Bedding

Best known for her nostalgic floral prints and quirky vintage patterns, Kidston brings her creative flair to her wide range of bedding with a flourish. There has already been huge interest in her gorgeous collection and we are excited to to be able to stock the Cath Kidston bedding designs that include her iconic floral prints. 

All the designs include the classic combination of modern and vintage that has made the name Cath Kidston synonymous with quality and style. Cath's vision was to create practical, everyday useful things that make you smile, so why not browse through this beautiful collection and let it bring a smile to your face!

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