Why flannelette bedding is now the bedding choice for winter nights

With heating bills consistently on the increase and household budgets remaining tight, it isn’t always an option to keep the heating on during the night during the colder winter months. One way of keeping you and your family warmer is to choose warmer bedding. In recent years, flannelette bedding sets has become more and more popular, especially in cooler regions such as northern Europe (especially the UK), parts of the USA and Canada.

In the past, flannelette fell out of favour when central heating became affordable for the general public. Central heating enabled people to keep night time temperatures at a consistent level. As a result of this, they also opted to choose cooler bedding such as silk or other bedding manufactured from man-made fabrics.

However, more recently as a result of rocketing gas and electricity bills, people have been seeking alternative cheaper ways of staying warm and comfortable throughout the night. Flannelette bed linen provides that cost effective alternative without compromising on comfort.

Flannelette bedding is made from a naturally warm and lightweight cotton fabric. Typically, it is a cotton fabric of which the surface has been napped. This means that the cloth or the transverse thread (also known as the ‘weft’) has been raised in the fabric to give a fuzzy texture. The raising of the fabric enables warm air to be trapped and therefore provide greater insulation.

As with any bedding fabric, the quality can vary according to the thread count. The thread count is the main gauge for measuring quality and refers to the number of threads contained in one square centimeter of fabric. The more threads per square centimeter, the higher the quality and the greater the softness of the flannelette bedding. As a general rule, at the upper end of luxury bedding you’ll need to look for a thread count of around 300 to 400, while at the lower end you’d be looking at a count of between 80 to 120. Unfortunately, not all bedding has the thread count printed on the label which can make it difficult for you to choose the level of quality that you desire. You can always ask the vendor or you can simply hold the bedding to the light. A lower quality fabric will let through more light than a luxury bedding fabric that is denser due to its high thread count.

With modern production techniques, flannelette bedding sets now come in all types of designs that will match your bedroom décor perfectly. They also come in all sizes ranging from a small single bed to the super king size and come with all the accessories (eg. pillow cases and duvet covers). Ultimately, if you want to keep warm and comfy in bed during the cooler months of the year, then a flannelette bedding set should be a priority on your shopping list.