Trio Framed Prints by Wrendale Designs with Ivory Mount

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  • Trio of cards in a white frame
  • Frame measures 610mm x 260mm overall
  • Can be hung vertically or horizontally
  • Available a huge choice of designs.
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Trio framed prints by Wrendale Designs by Hannah Dale. These beautiful framed print each feature 3 different designs and would look great in any room. The white frame includes an ivory mount and measures 610mm x 260mm overall. The picture can be hung horizontally or vertically. Available a huge choice of designs.


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A Trio of Butterflies, A Trio of Country Mice FT012, A Trio of Deer FT002, A Trio of Ducks FT003, A Trio of Farmyard Animals FT016, A Trio of Hares FT001, A Trio of Hedgehogs FT019, A Trio of Highland Cows FT010, A Trio of Horses FT011, A Trio of Owls FT005, A Trio of Rabbits & Guinea Pigs FT017, A Woodland Trio FT007, A Cottage Garden Trio FT024, A Trio of Giraffes FT023, A Zoology Trio FT022, A Trio of Cats FT021, A Trio of Dogs FT020, A Woodland Trio FT025, A Meadow Trio FT026, A Trio of Highland Cows FT027, A Trio of Owls FT028, A Trio of Ducks FT029, A Farmyard Trio FT030, A Trio of Dogs FT031, A Trio of Cats FT032, A Gardening Trio FT033

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