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Venn Kitchen Gadgets in Grey Innovative Space Saving Design. An innovative & extensive new food preparation range which brings a completely fresh look to kitchen tools and gadgets. These kitchen gadgets all feature an ingenious stack and store system allowing the products to be stored neatly, all in a contemporary grey colourway.

The Venn range of gadgets include:

Sieve set, a set of 3 sieves with stainless steel mesh. All stack within each other for easy storage.

Funnel set, a set of funnels in 3 different sizes. All stack within each other for easy storage.

Measuring spoon and tong set. Measures 1.25ml – 1/4 tsp, 2.5ml – 1/2 tsp, 5ml – 1 tsp, 7.5ml – 1/2 tbs & 15ml – 1 tbs. All the measuring spoons interlock and stack neatly within the tongs. Tongs can withstand temperatures of up to 240°C / 480°F,

Measuring cup set. 5 cups measuring 30ml – 1/8 cup, 60ml – 1/4 cup, 80ml – 1/3 cup, 120ml – 1/2 cup & 240ml – 1cup. All interlock and neatly stack together for easy storage.

Mixing bowl set with lids. Capacity: Large 3.5l, Medium 2.25l  Small 1.5l. Include integrated metric and imperial measurements, two pouring lips & non slip base. Bowls nest inside each other for convenient storage.

Mixing bowl, colander and sieve set. Includes 3.5l mixing bowl with integrated metric and imperial measurements, colander and sieve with stainless steel mesh.  All stack together to save space.

Chopping board and tray set. A dual sided board for food preparation and carving. The dual purpose chopping board sits inside the non-slip tray with the handles neatly holding the board in position for convenient storage, this also gives the flexibility to prepare food anywhere in the kitchen, keeping work surfaces clean and tidy. The smooth textured chopping board surface is ideal for the slicing and dicing of foods such as bread and vegetables. The diamond textured chopping board surface is perfect for gripping when carving meats, allowing juices to run away freely.

4 sided grater which has 4 stainless steel grating sides, coarse, medium, fine & slicing. Incorporates a non slip base & easy pour removable compartment. Can be used horizontally or vertically.

Measuring jug set. A 550ml / 1 pint capacity jug which incorporates a heat resistant strainer, egg separator & juicer. The jug is made from Tritan ® for added strength and durability.

Cookbook stand with kitchen scales, with integrated bowl scraper. This versatile cookbook stand is ideal for holding cookbooks and tablets at the perfect angle to read recipes, with a back support that pulls forward revealing a compartment which is convenient for storing loose recipes. The cookbook stand is designed to house the kitchen scales when not in use, saving valuable surface space.

Kitchen Scales have a maximum capacity of 5000g / 5kg / 11 lbs, these electronic scales use a high precision strain gauge sensor system to make sure of a more accurate weighing result. Units can be measured in g/oz/ml/lb, with the ‘tare’ function enabling the addition of weighing multiple items.

An integrated bowl scraper is flexible and perfectly formed for mixing, with useful integrated measurements at 1cm intervals.

Kitchen timer and salt store. Contemporary, ergonomic salt store with an integrated timer in the lid. Can time up to 60 minutes and the removable time incorporates a clip so it can be clipped to clothing.

The range also includes ingenious stacking utensils which save valuable kitchen space.

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4 Sided Grater, Chopping Board & Tray Set, Cookbook Stand & Kitchen Scales, Funnel Set – Set of 3, Kitchen Timer & Salt Store, Measuring Cup Set, Measuring Jug Set, Measuring Spoon & Tong Set, Mixing Bowl Set with Lids, Mixing Bowl, Colander & Sieve Set, Sieve Set – Set of 3

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