Labrador Dog Large Plush Wrendale Designs Ralph
Labrador Dog Large Plush Wrendale Designs Ralph
Highland Cow Large Plush Wrendale Designs Gordon
Giraffe Large Plush Wrendale Designs Camilla
Guinea Pig Medium Plush Wrendale Designs Daphne
Owl Medium Plush Wrendale Designs Elvis
Squirrel Medium Plush Wrendale Designs Fern

NEW Wrendale Designs Plush Characters, Various Designs & Sizes


  • New plush soft characters from Wrendale designs
  • Each one inspired by the illustrations of Hannah Dale.
  • Available in 3 designs; Ralph, Gordon & Camilla
  • Daphne, Elvis & Fern now available in junior size
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NEW Wrendale Designs Plush Characters, Various Designs & Sizes. Wrendale’s plush collection has grown to include 3 new gorgeous characters. Each character has its own fun personality & is inspired by the artwork of Hannah Dale. Three existing characters are now also available in junior sizes. Each animal is finished with an embroidered wren on the foot and a gift tag containing information about him. With careful sourcing of fabrics, each of the plush characters in the collection is completely unique and combine high quality soft and tactile materials reminiscent of the animal and Hannah’s original artwork that we know and love. A great gift for any collector of the Wrendale range. Polyester/Fibre stuffing. All are suitable from birth.

3 new larger plush character include:

Ralph has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Hopeful’ design, he loves to lend a helping paw and is constantly looking for ways to be useful. He is always tidying up any food that he can find, even if it means jumping onto a table to get to it. He also tries his best to do the same with shoes that are left lying around but doesn’t think they taste quite as good. Bright and playful, Ralph’s perfect day would include sniffing out the muddiest puddles for a good roll and then winding down with a nap snuggled up on a lovely clean sofa. He’s an excellent runner although rarely wins any races as he’s easily distracted by a passing rabbit or interesting smell.

Gordon has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Daisy Coo’ design. He is steadfast and reliable and perfect to have around in a crisis. He is loved by all of his friends for being a great listener, but he also has a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humour.  An accomplished pianist, he is very musical and loves to relax with a fine wine whilst listening to classical music. He is particularly partial to a concerto by his favourite composer, Moozart. Gordon is surprisingly light on his feet and loves letting his hair down at a ceilidh.

Camilla has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Flowers’ design.. Glamorous Camilla is the envy of all her friends. With her long legs and elegant eyelashes, she graced the giraffe walks of Paris before she was talent spotted by a famous film producer who whisked her away to Hollywood until a mysterious scandal involving an ostrich and a pair of spectacles saw her return to her home savannah. Camilla has since embarked on a new career as an abstract artist and can often be found contemplating a blank canvas or experimenting with colour. Kind and thoughtful, she gives most of her paintings to friends and family who are running out of places to put them.

Now available in a junior size, Daphne, Elvis & Fern are also available in a larger size.




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Camilla – Giraffe, Gordon – Highland Cow, Jnr Daphne – Guinea Pig, Jnr Elvis – Owl, Jnr Fern – Squirrel, Ralph – Dog

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