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  • Plush characters from Wrendale Designs
  • Each one inspired by the illustrations of Hannah Dale.
  • Available in many designs in regular and junior sizes
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Wrendale Designs Plush Characters. Distinctly ‘Wrendale‘ each of these Wrendale Designs plush soft characters is completely unique, combining high quality soft tactile materials reminiscent of the animal (and artwork) we know and love. Available in 2 sizes, regular and junior. Make a great gift and a wonderful item for any collector’s of the Wrendale range. Suitable for children 3+. Polyester/Fibre stuffing.

Autumn is a true romantic at heart and loves sunsets, long walks and curling up with a good book. Although a little shy, she’s always the first to lend a hand to a friend in need. In her spare time she likes to collect amusingly shaped pebbles and research the family tree. She loves nature and her perfect day would be a picnic in a flower filled meadow with friends. Regular Autumn measures approximately 31cm x 13cm x 11.5cm. Junior Autumn measures approximately 19.5cm x 15cm x 17cm.

Webster is highly intelligent but is distinctly lacking in common sense. Fluent in Squirrel, Rabbit & Sparrow, he can solve an algebra puzzle faster than anyone you know, but will just as easily forget where he left his pond and will have to find a new one. He is never on time but his friends describe him as the life and soul of the party, so no one minds when he turns up late. Regular Webster measures approximately 24cm x 13.5cm x 12cm. Junior Webster measures approximately 19.5cm x 16cm x 17cm

Mabel works night shift and likes a good nap. She is always on the look out for a cosy spot to curl up in. A natural leader, she likes to give rousing speeches to her fellow woodlanders and, in between naps, is a passionate campaigner for road safety. Mabel’s favourite hobbies are needlework and sketching and she loves a good game of scrabble. She takes a keen interest in astrology and considers herself a typical Aries. Regular Mabel measures approximately 25cm x 14cm x 15cm. Junior Mabel measures approximately 18.5cm x 15cm x 16cm.

Ralph has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Hopeful’ design, he loves to lend a helping paw and is constantly looking for ways to be useful. He is always tidying up any food that he can find, even if it means jumping onto a table to get to it. He also tries his best to do the same with shoes that are left lying around but doesn’t think they taste quite as good. Bright and playful, Ralph’s perfect day would include sniffing out the muddiest puddles for a good roll and then winding down with a nap snuggled up on a lovely clean sofa. He’s an excellent runner although rarely wins any races as he’s easily distracted by a passing rabbit or interesting smell. Regular Ralph measures approximately 25cm x 14cm x 15cm. Junior Ralph measures approximately 19cm x 8.5cm x 14cm.

Gordon has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Daisy Coo’ design. He is steadfast and reliable and perfect to have around in a crisis. He is loved by all of his friends for being a great listener, but he also has a twinkle in his eye and a great sense of humour.  An accomplished pianist, he is very musical and loves to relax with a fine wine whilst listening to classical music. He is particularly partial to a concerto by his favourite composer, Moozart. Gordon is surprisingly light on his feet and loves letting his hair down at a ceilidh. Regular Gordon measures approximately 24cm x 13.5cm x 12cm. Gordon Junior measures approximately 22cm x 14cm x 19cm.

Camilla has been inspired by the Wrendale ‘Flowers’ design.. Glamorous Camilla is the envy of all her friends. With her long legs and elegant eyelashes, she graced the giraffe walks of Paris before she was talent spotted by a famous film producer who whisked her away to Hollywood until a mysterious scandal involving an ostrich and a pair of spectacles saw her return to her home savannah. Camilla has since embarked on a new career as an abstract artist and can often be found contemplating a blank canvas or experimenting with colour. Kind and thoughtful, she gives most of her paintings to friends and family who are running out of places to put them. Regular Camilla measures approximately 31.5cm m x 13cm x 11.5cm. Camilla Junior measures approximately 22cm x 8.5cm x 22cm.

Fern As a child, Fern dreamed of joining a circus and now puts her acrobatic skills to good use as she scampers through the treetops. Sporty and athletic, she still holds the woodland record for the pole vault. A charming and beautiful redhead, Fern is a social butterfly and a well known influencer, always knowing which are the best trees to be seen in. Her favourite things are fancy dress parties, stone skimming and writing lists. Regular Fern measures approximately 31.5cm m x 13cm x 11.5cm. Fern Junior measures approximately 22cm x 11cm x 16cm.

Elvis is the little owl currently in training to earn ‘wise owl’ status, one of the most prestigious of all woodland jobs. He takes this very seriously and can often be seen with his beak in a book, or dishing out advice to his fellow woodlanders, whether they asked for it or not. Elvis is very competitive and loves to unwind with a game of chess or a good crossword. He dabbles in a spot of poetry writing and collects celebrity autographs in his spare time. Regular Elvis measures approximately 24cm m x 13.5cm x 12cm. Elvis Junior measures approximately 18cm x 15cm x 14cm.

Daphne is an animal lover through and through. Her first pet was a snail named Alfred and as a child, she was well know for bringing home abandoned spiders and rescuing stray mice. On her gap year, Daphne trekked through the rainforests of Madagascar and helped to set up a community centre for retired chameleons. Daphne’s idea of the perfect evening would be watching a David Attenborough documentary snuggled up by the log fire with a takeaway. Regular Daphne measures approximately 25cm m x 14cm x 15cm. Daphne Junior measures approximately 19cm x 12cm x 11.5cm.

Adele loves a bit of glitz & glamour, she believes that no one can ever be overdressed. She is always the first on the dancefloor at any party & loves to shake her tail feathers to Abba’s Dancing Queen. Adele enjoys gardening and once won first prize at her local village show for her very large marrow. She loves to forage for wild mushrooms and once fell into a pond trying to retrieve a shaggy ink cap. To save her embarrassment, she told her friends she had taken up wild swimming.

Beryl loves to the outdoors and has recently taken up Nordic walking which keeps her busy most weekends. Known as a bit of a thrill seeker, she loves white water rafting and has always wanted to try her hoof at parkour. Highly sociable, Beryl was the founding member of her local ‘knit and natter’ group, which once ran a successful campaign to knit socks for cold penguins. Beryl loves to bake and often gets raised eyebrows for her rather unusual flavour combinations.

Jack is gentle soul, whose kind & caring nature makes him popular with all who know him. He has a keen interest in geology and likes to look for interesting rock formations in his spare time. Jack enjoys wild camping and can think of nothing better than sleeping under the stars, telling ghost stories and toasting marshmallows over a roaring camp fire. Always looking for a new challenge, Jack has dabbled in metal detecting and once found a paperclip in the shape of a dinosaur.

And last but not least of the Wrendale designs plush characters and our favourite here at Fab Furnishings is Rowan. Rowan is a bit of a daredevil and is always getting up to mischief. He likes to show off and his friends describe him as a bit of a joker. In his spare time, h loves cooking and specialty is carrot en croute. The speediest of all his friends, Rowan loves to tear across the fields. He is always on the look out for the tortoise for a rematch. Rowan measures approximately 24cm x 13.5cm x 12cm. Rowan measures approximately 24cm x 15cm x 15cm.


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Autumn – Fox, Camilla – Giraffe, Daphne – Guinea Pig, Elvis – Owl, Fern – Squirrel, Gordon – Highland Cow, Mabel – Hedgehog, Ralph – Dog, Rowan – Hare, Webster – Duck, Adele – Robin, Beryl – Sheep, Jack – Donkey



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