Wrendale Designs Plush Soft Toy, Hare, Fox, Duck & Hedgehog.


  • New plush soft toys from Wrendale designs
  • Each one inspired by the illustrations of Hannah Dale.
  • Packaged in a canvas bag, each makes an ideal gift
  • Available in 4 designs, Hare, Fox, Duck and Hedgehog
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Distinctly ‘Wrendale‘ each of these Wrendale Designs plush soft characters is completely unique, combining high quality soft tactile materials reminiscent of the animal (and artwork) we know and love. Each character is packaged beautifully in a canvas bag for transportation to its new home, makes a great gift and a wonderful item for any collector’s of the Wrendale range. Suitable for children 3+. Polyester/Fibre stuffing.  Canvas bag measures 30cm x 23cm x 12cm.

Autumn is a true romantic at heart and loves sunsets, long walks and curling up with a good book. Although a little shy, she’s always the first to lend a hand to a friend in need. In her spare time she likes to collect amusingly shaped pebbles and research the family tree. She loves nature and her perfect day would be a picnic in a flower filled meadow with friends. Autumn measures approx. 25cm x 23cm x 27cm.

Webster is highly intelligent but is distinctly lacking in common sense. Fluent in Squirrel, Rabbit & Sparrow, he can solve an algebra puzzle faster than anyone you know, but will just as easily forget where he left his pond and will have to find a new one. He is never on time but his friends describe him as the life and soul of the party, so no one minds when he turns up late. Webster measures approx. 23cm x 22cm x 23cm.

Mabel works night shift and likes a good nap. She is always on the look out for a cosy spot to curl up in. A natural leader, she likes to give rousing speeches to her fellow woodlanders and, in between naps, is a passionate campaigner for road safety. Mabel’s favourite hobbies are needlework and sketching and she loves a good game of scrabble. She takes a keen interest in astrology and considers herself a typical Aries. Mabel measures approx. 23cm x 22cm x 22cm.

And last but not least, our favourite here at Fab Furnishings …..Rowan. Rowan is a bit of a daredevil and is always getting up to mischief. He likes to show off and his friends describe him as a bit of a joker. In his spare time, h loves cooking and specialty is carrot en croute. The speediest of all his friends, Rowan loves to tear across the fields. He is always on the look out for the tortoise for a rematch. Rowan measures approx. 26cm x 27cm x 20cm.

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Autumn – Fox, Mabel – Hedgehog, Rowan – Hare, Webster – Duck

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